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To whom it may concern:

This is to bestow the total and complete satisfaction of the Hi-Tech Tilt Product.
We have had fantastic results with the system; we are now using the product on as many building applications possible. We attribute our company recent success and growth directly to the Hi-Tech Tilt System. Other advantages that I can support without doubt are as follows:

  • Construction time from job to job has been reduced significantly – as little as 15% and as much as 30% depending on type and size of project.
  • Significant savings with both labor and materials have also been achieved and that has allowed us to be very competitive.
  • The product due to its lighter weight yet tilt-up appearance has provided the architectural flexibility that our designers always look for.
  • The product has been builder friendly, allowing us to cut out retrofit openings where needed and flexible enough to make changes as we are building in some of the cases.
  • We have also eliminated the need for pour strips in our foundations. This avoids bringing the site and foundation subcontractors back to simple monolithic pours.
  • The big bonus is the metal studs in place to full heights; this allows us to run all utilities and insulate warehouse buildings cost effectively, providing an energy efficient building.
  • “Hi-Tech Tilt” has answered many questions that always came to mind when I used traditional tilt-up methods, questions like: why so much rebar, why so much concrete, why so many embeds, why so large cranes, why so long before we can erect panels, etc.

These are just a few impacting features and advantage that “Hi-Tech Tilt” brings to the table to say the least.

Best Regards,

John J. Valle
Park Avenue Construction, Ltd.

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