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We have just successfully used the Hi-Tech Tilt™ system in the construction of a 4-story self-storage facility in Forth Worth, Texas. Being our first experience with the system, we were amazed at just how easily the system met our needs and exceeded our expectations. Having an extensive background in conventional tilt wall applications, I was amazed at how fast the product went up, saving us a lot of time, and letting construction of the interior commence much faster. As you well know, time is money.

We have now decided to use this system on our upcoming projects, and look forward to carrying forward the success we enjoyed on the first project we used this system. We have delivered an excellent product to an enthusiastic customer, and as a company who prides itself on customer service, I can and do strongly recommend the Hi-Tech Tilt™ system to anyone building projects of all shapes and sizes. We are excited about the future of this system.

Jeff Eubank
Vice President – Operations
Director of Design

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