Hi-Tech Tilt™ Systems Presentation

HTT Presentation
HTT Systems Presentation

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The presentation contains the following slides:

  • HTT Multi-Story Construction
  • Rapid Quality Construction
  • Integrated Steel & Concrete Structural Frame
  • Precast HTT Panels
  • Layout, Forming, Prep & Framing
  • Project Panel Layouts
  • Forming and Liners
  • Pour, Cure and Prepare Rigging
  • Erection Process
  • Shaped Load Bearing Walls
  • Style and Tasteful Design
  • Retail & One Story Buildings
  • Versatile Design Options
  • Design Details & Finishes
  • Office, Distribution, Education
  • Insulated HTT Thermo-Panel
  • Thermo-Panel Applications
  • HTT Load Bearing Details
  • HTT Structural & Reinforcing Details
  • Reduce Weight, Time & Labor
  • Unique Features
  • Hi-Tech Tilt™ Architectural Fulfillments


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