Hi-Tech Tilt™ Cost Savings

Hi-Tech Tilt™ is the difference when constructing a solid building. A patented versatile composite system, Hi-Tech Tilt™ provides enormous savings and advantages over conventional tilt-up wall systems. Hi-Tech Tilt™ wall system integrates metal studs that are ready for finish-out. Because Hi-Tech Tilt™ uses a minimal 66% less concrete than standard tilt-up wall systems, there is no need for heavy crane. Erection times is up to 30% faster. There is also a reduction of finishing labor costs. Hi-Tech Tilt™ does not require spread footing or concrete pour strips. This translates into cost savings for the buyer.

Hi-Tech Tilt™ Energy Savings

Topping Hi-Tech Tilt™ Walls With Only The Best Smart Management Company's quality construction technology & care does not stop with the walls, as it works in partnership with Steel Fabricators like Butler Manufacturing Company* giving us acces to the world-renowed MR-24 standing seam Roofing System. In addition to the MR-24 roof we have added a revolutionary radiant barrier that reflects heat up to 97% we end up with a roof system second to none. The radiant barrier also increases natural interior lighting, giving the owner substantial energy savings in heating, cooling and lighting. A Winning Combination With Hi-Tech Tilt™'s tilt-up wall panels and Butler Manufacturing's impressive MR24 Roofing System, Laredo Smart Management delivers an effective one-two punch in commercial building. You, the builder, with the use of Hi-Tech Tilt™ wall panels and our in-house architects and associate engineers will work with you to deliver time and cost effective building solution. *Butler is not an affiliate or investor of Hi-Tech Tilt™.