Hi-Tech Tilt™ Videos

Hi-Tech Tilt™ is a tilt-up wall construction system superior to any other because it provides enormous savings and advantages over conventional tilt-up panels.

Hi-Tech Tilt™ Animation Video
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Cargill Time Lapse Nov. 15 - Dec. 13, 2011
Time Lapse Video of Hi-Tech Tilt wall panels being built and erected for Cargill Building.

Cargill Building - Panel Erection
Cargill Office Building, Ferndale WA
Using the Hi-tech tilt system.

Zeus Panel Erection Video
This project is 39 ft tall single story with no lateral bracing for the walls. The hydraulic 70 ton crane was used to erect those panels. The larger crane was used for the steel erection inside the panels. You can see the process of lifting and bracing the panels.

Hi-Tech Tilt™ Panel Erection

Hi-Tech Tilt™ Panel Erection

Hi-Tech Tilt™ Panel Erection

Lifting Panels